Karate Master

Kyoshi dady Kassim

Kyoshi Dady Kassim is a martial arts master with a wealth of experience and knowledge. With 35 years in the field, he has dedicated his life to the study and practice of martial arts. He began his journey in 1987 with Shotokan karate and has since attained the rank of 7th Dan Black Belt and Shihan title. He has also trained in boxing and kickboxing, making him a well-rounded martial artist.

Kyoshi Dady is the founder of the Tanzania Martial Arts Association and his dedication to the discipline earned him a Master of Arts certificate in 2014. He has also trained under the renowned Hanshi Shalom Avitan from Israel, a 10th Dan, in self-defense techniques and imparted his knowledge to security companies in Zanzibar and Arusha. In 2019, he received his Kapap/krav maga instructor certificate under FIMA East Africa Kapap Representative Master Jean Bruneau Laurette.

Kyoshi Dady has a passion for teaching and has been sharing his knowledge with police officers, security personnel, and the Tanzanian reserve force army, as well as civilians for over a decade. He opened his first dojo in 1996 and now runs nineteen martial arts schools throughout Tanzania, with 24 trainers, 40 black belts, and over 500 students. The impact of his teachings can be seen in the success of his students and the growth of the martial arts community in Tanzania. He is also the Executive Chairman of SKSAI, an organization with 27 country members worldwide, which showcases the reach and influence of his teachings.

Kyoshi Dady's passion, dedication and expertise make him a true martial arts master. He continues to inspire and empower people through his teachings and has made a significant impact on the martial arts community in Tanzania and beyond.